NuCara Pilots New Pharmacy Practice Model

Pamela Wong, our Director of Clinical Services, leads an innovative New Pharmacy Practice Model pilot project with four of NuCara’s pharmacy locations: Lenox (Alicia Lynn), Story City (Betty Grinde), Traer (Phyllis McKee), and Washington (Samantha Peterson).
Under the guidance of the New Pharmacy Practice Model Task Force and coordination with the Iowa Board of Pharmacy, a pilot and research demonstration project was designed to ensure safe and effective medication dispensing through a pharmacy technician verification process (i.e., Tech-Check-Tech) in controlled situations in community practice as a means to provide pharmacists the time and resources for clinical pharmacy services. Tech-Check-Tech programs have been effectively implemented across hospitals in Iowa and across the country, but not within a community pharmacy setting. Given the importance of medication therapy to manage chronic conditions, community pharmacists are well-positioned to deliver services, such as medication therapy management (MTM), while addressing medication non-adherence and other medication-related issues.
This is a model of pharmacy practice that enhances patient safety and improves patient health outcomes.  It is important for this new practice model be recognized by patients, other healthcare providers, and payers of healthcare as a valuable service model; reproducible; professionally rewarding; and financially sustainable. All participating pharmacies plan to utilize the full breadth of patient care service offerings including:  medication therapy management (MTM), immunizations, medication synchronization, disease state management, collaborative practice agreements, and care coordination services with local health-systems.
For the full article, click this link:

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