Current Issues in Health Care: New Practice Model

7990As our healthcare system continues to evolve, pharmacy as it is practiced today is changing, and hopefully for the better. Here is the third of four topics that are in the “hot seat” as we round up the first half of 2014:

New Practice Model


Since 2010, the Iowa Pharmacy Association and its New Practice Model (NPM) Task Force have been developing a practice model to let pharmacists allocate more time for clinical analysis and patient service. The idea is to use technology in place and multiple certified pharmacy technicians to verify prescriptions and free more time up for the pharmacist. Ultimately, the New Practice Model promotes patient safety and desired health outcomes 6.

Current Standing

NuCara and the other participating pharmacies began the statewide pilot project on June 2nd. The technician verification process, otherwise known as the tech-check-tech system, is being closely monitored for errors in real time by pharmacists at these stores. Along with that, IPA is getting biweekly feedback from the stores participating in the pilot. The goal is to expand the model in other community settings by November 2014, and eventually reproduce the model nationwide if it is successful 6.

How are YOU, the patient, affected?

Pharmacists today are equipped with wide-ranging clinical skills. Pending on the success of the pilot, you, as the patient, can expect more time to discuss any health-related concerns with your community pharmacist. Third party pricing decisions have lead some pharmacies to demand their pharmacists to sacrifice time with patients. At NuCara, we want to promote the NPM so pharmacists can apply their knowledge and help their patients! More than just counseling on a new prescription, pharmacists can identify medication interactions, assist in over-the-counter purchases, and directly communicate beneficial medication adjustments to doctors.


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