Twinkies®, Turkey Drumsticks & Other Deep-Fried Foods, Oh My!

iowa-state-fair-2013As summer winds down many Iowans look forward to an annual summer tradition: attending the Iowa State Fair.  One of the most anticipated aspects of the fair is the opportunity to taste, nibble and devour unique foods prepared in unbelievable ways.  From deep fried you-name-it foods on-a-stick to chocolate-covered chocolate chip cannolis, the state fair will make your food imagination run wild.  While most fair-goers don’t walk through the gates intending to win the blue ribbon for healthiest food consumption, here are a few tips to help keep the focus on good health and good fun:

  1. Plan Ahead!  Decide before heading out the door what food items are worth the calories.  Click on the list of options to get your food plan ready!
  2. Count Your Calories!  Unsure what the nutritional value of each delectable food items is?  There’s an app for that!  On your smart phone search: “Iowa State Fair Food Finder” or visit the website here for all the details.
  3. Map Your Path!  Click here and print this map.  Circle the exhibits on your to-see list and then design and navigate a walking path that incorporates both fun and fitness into your day!
  4. Substitute Fried with Fresh!  Opt for fresh fruits or vegetables in place of meals filled entirely with fried foods.  Consider tasty options with this great list that includes gluten-free choices.
  5. Got Water?  Skip the pop and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.  While outside drinks may not be brought into the fair, consider bringing an empty reusable water bottle and filling up at water fountains scattered across the fairgrounds.

Written by: Michelle Stammet, PharmD Candidate (2014) at the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy


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