Back to the Back Basics

Bad postureIf you spend most of your job sitting, it can spell back and neck problems for you. Since you can’t always change your workstation, here are some tips to lower the chances of having pain in your lower back.

  • If possible, take a break every thirty minutes or so to walk around and stretch your legs. This will take some of the pressure off your back muscles and spine.
  • Sit up straight. Many people have a natural tendency to slouch down in their chair or hunch over their keyboard as the hours move on. This can cause you to overstretch your back muscles and can eventually damage the area.
  • Make sure you’re chair is adjusted to properly support your body. Take a look at these six guidelines.
  • If you can, spend part of your day doing your work standing up. Even switching a conference room meeting to a walking meeting or taking all your phone calls standing up can help.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day. While it may seem this has nothing to do with posture, keeping your cells hydrated is important, especially when you’re trying to keep pain away

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