Exercise in disguise: 8 ways to energize your day

Find ways to squeeze these exercises into your daily routine.

Find ways to squeeze these exercises into your daily routine.

Our bodies are made for motion — and moving more each day can boost your energy. It can help you burn extra calories, too!

But, all that get-up-and-go doesn’t have to begin and end at the gym. So, in addition to getting your regular workouts, look for ways to sneak bursts of activity into your days. Here are eight ideas that can help you get moving — and feel more energized.

Looking for a challenge? See how many of these you can try this week:

1. Clean it like you mean it. Give routine chores some added oomph. Instead of going to the drive-thru car wash, do it by hand. Or, turn on some tunes — and scrub the tub to a steady beat.

2. Put more pep in your step. Walking to the mailbox or taking the trash out? Move more briskly. And, take the stairs — instead of an elevator or escalator — whenever you can.

3. Walk and talk. Pace the floor when you’re on the phone — or march in place. Or, ask a co-worker to join you for a walking meeting.

4. Steal a minute to stretch. While you’re waiting for the bus or for the teakettle to whistle, give your muscles a little stretch. It doesn’t burn a lot of calories — but stretching can improve your flexibility.

5. Boost your breaks. If you have a few minutes in the morning or afternoon, head out for a quick walk. Even better: Sneak in a short jaunt during your lunch break, too.

6. Work while you watch. During your favorite show, do some jumping jacks, crunches or squats.

7. Go the distance. When running errands, park at the far end of the lot — or even a few blocks away, if it’s safe. Or, skip the drive altogether. Walk or bike there instead.

8. Play more — and often. If a child tugs at your pants or a dog brings you a ball, get in the spirit. A quick game of tag or fetch may boost your heart rate — and make your playmates happy, too.


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