Traer Community Spotlight

Since so many of our Facebook fans were vocal about how great our Traer location is, we’ve decided to share some of our favorite things about Traer.

    The 23 step Famous Winding Stairs has been in Traer for almost 120 years!

The Famous Winding Stairs have been in Traer for almost 120 years!

Traer is known for the Famous Winding Stairs located in their historic downtown area. They iron staircase and catwalk are on the National Register of Historic Places, and sit outside the building where the city’s newspaper office used to be.  If you ever get a chance to visit, don’t forget to take a picture here!

Traer is the first community in Tama county to get a wind turbine to provide green energy to the city.

The city has a rich culture of volunteerism that shows off the selfless, helpful Midwest spirit!

The Traer Salt and Pepper Shaker Gallery is the largest collection of salt and pepper shakers in the Midwest with over 16,000 different sets.

There is one thing we love about Traer more than any of these things – the people! We’re happy to be a part of the Traer community and enjoy all the people we get to interact with. Thanks for showing your support!


What did we miss? Tell us your favorite thing about Traer in the comments!


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