Chocolate for Valentines Day!


The little bean behind it all!

Chocolate is made from the beans of the cacao (kuh-KOW) tree.

The higher the percentage of cocoa solids (cacao), the richer chocolate is in flavor and antioxidants — and the less room there is for sugar and fat.

So, how does your favorite stack up?

•Cocoa powder is almost 100 percent cacao. It has the highest percentage of antioxidants of any kind of chocolate.

•Dark chocolate commonly ranges from 45 to 80 percent cacao.

•Milk chocolate has at least 10 percent cacao. But, it doesn’t offer the same health benefits as dark chocolate.

•White chocolate is made from cocoa butter — the fat of the cacao bean. But, it contains no cocoa solids. So, it’s high in calories and doesn’t have the benefits of dark chocolate.

Barb Wykcoff, RN, NuHealth Wellness Team


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