Antibiotics: They Aren’t for Every Illness


With cold and flu season right around the corner we would like to remind you of a few important facts about antibiotics. Antibiotics are not prescribed for every illness but only those that are considered to be bacterial infections. If you have a viral infection, such as the cold or flu, antibiotics are useless.

Often times people may insist or demand antibiotics from their physician because they view them as a treatment and cure-all, however it may ultimately reduce their effectiveness and can lead to antibiotic resistance. To reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance or their inability to be effective for you in the future, only take antibiotics when prescribed by your physician, for conditions where your physician believes they will be effective and for the full course of treatment. Taking antibiotics for less than the full course of treatment can lead to the bacteria “learning” how to resist antibiotics.

Barb Wycoff, RN – NuHealth Wellness Team


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