Do you have Sleep Apnea? New Home Sleep Test can help you find out!

How would you feel about being able to perform a sleep study in the comfort of your own home? Recently, NuCara has added Home Sleep Testing to their services. It is a top-of-the-line service that not many home medical facilities are affiliated with yet.

Not only is this a very convenient method of receiving the same diagnosis that a sleep study facility can give, it is much cheaper and it allows for the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Vituox home sleep testing utilizes both Level III and Level IV Home sleep testing devices, monitoring oximetery, heart rate, respiration and chest movement and airflow.

Because Medicare does not allow the home medical provider to courier these devices, VirtuOx mails them to and from the patient’s home.

Because NuCara and Virtuox work so closely on the patient’s treatment, a CPAP/BIPAP can be given to a patient within a few days.

 “I am very excited to work with VirtuOx to provide patients with a much more convenient method of receiving the diagnosis a sleep lab can provide. This service allows me to provide an easier method for patients to receive the care they deserve.” Alyssa Barkalow, CRT.

Contact your local NuCara Pharmacy today for more information!

Article by Alyssa Barkalow, Respiratory Therapist at the Nevada NuCara Pharmacy location.


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